Vendor Directory

The BCCM Vendor Directory is a collection of businesses as recommended by the membership. The membership is encouraged to support local businesses and those businesses that have been long standing members of the club.

If members have any suggestions for vendors to add to this list, please let us know. Note that suggestions will only be accepted from club members.

Name Services Provided Contact Info
Classic Motor Works New and used parts. Local Moss distributor.
Red Bearing New and used parts. Local Moss distributor.
Jim Natuk Used Triumph parts. 204-268-1639
Garson, MB
Robert Pieces d'autos Anglaises Distributor of English car parts.
450 667-6840
Laval, QC
Service and Restoration
Classic Motor Works Engine work and cylinder head rebuilds.
Red Bearing Licensed Master Mechanic. All Aspects of service and restoration.
Vehicle Apprasals
Rick Unruh Apprasals for applications for the MPI Collector Plate program. Classic British cars only. 204-471-1385
Classic Motor Works Apprasals of classic British cars.
Instruments and Electrical
Vintage British Cables Reproduction Smiths speedo and tach cables.
Medicine Hat, AB
LiteZupp High quality LED lights.
Murphy, TX
Interior and Upholstery
John Baxter Interior upholstery. 204-831-5719
Exterior and Body
Rust Check Rust prevention spray. Special price for small British cars.
1530 St. James St., Winnipeg, MB
Derricks Sandblasting & Painting Sandblasting. 204-633-3087
24 Roy Roche Dr, Winnipeg, MB
Imperial Autobody Supply Colour matching for classic British automotive colours.
381 Logan Ave, Winnipeg, MB
Brakes and Suspension
World Wide Auto Parts Specializing in Lever Arm shock absorber rebuilds.
Madison, WI
Rocky Radiator and heater core flushing and repairs. Fuel tank cleaning and repair. 204 781-2236
66 Georges Forest Place, Winnipeg, MB