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1973 Jensen Healey: $5000.00 Firm. Contact Bill at 204-832-1060. (Updated January 2018)

1973 Jensen Healey 1973 Jensen Healey 1973 Jensen Healey 1973 Jensen Healey


New TR6 Parts: I have the following TR6 parts that could be of some use to someone. One TR6 4 speed transmission. Complete early TR6 frame and body parts, appears to be in good shape, complete with drive shaft, differential, axles, etc. Steering rack front suspension is all complete. Trunk lid is good, bonnet is good, except for a repairable dent on the front lip. The floors appear to be to be good as well. Fenders are bad in all the usual places. There is a single hoop roll over bar on it too. There is also a 74 vintage TR6 motor with transmission (4 spd) with carbs and air filter assembly, and an additional rear bumper that is in pretty good shape. Parts are available individually or as a lump. Call/text Phillip Irwin at 204-792-4249 or e-mail me at if interested. (Posted July 2017)

TR6 Parts TR6 Parts TR6 Parts TR6 Parts TR6 Parts

New TR4A Factory Fibreglass Hardtop: Fibreglass hardtop, fits on a TR4A, probably a 4, 250 and a 6. New rear window gasket but no rear window. $100 or OBO. Rob Hawley, 204-444-2929 or 204-799-7194. (Posted July 2017)

Hardtop1 Hardtop1

TR4A, TR5, TR250, or TR6 Clutch: A brand new clutch and release bearing, bearing sleeve and transmission front cover.
The clutch kit is Moss part number 593-030.
The release bearing sleeve is the phosphor bronze upgrade Moss part number 595-026.
The transmission front cover is Moss part number 848-000.
All brand new! The release bearing is already mounted on the new sleeve! If you go to the Moss site and tap the info button by the bearing sleeve you get a great explanation of why this upgrade is important for your clutch performance! Added together at Moss regular price including tax and US to CAD exchange this would cost over $500 Canadian dollars plus shipping! I am selling it all for only $325 Canadian dollars! If are thinking of replacing your clutch or having clutch issues with your TR4A through TR6 this could be your solution! Contact Rick Unruh at (Posted March 2016)

Clutch1 Clutch2 Clutch3


None at this time.


None at this time. (At least none that we are willing to let our wives know about!)


None at this time.

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